Organizing your car doesn't have to be a task that takes all day. There are simple ways to make your car more organized that won't drain your wallet. We've compiled a list of budget friendly tips to organize your car and create an enjoyable driving environment for you and your passengers. These tips include:

  • Use cupcake holders to store loose change.
  • Use a trashcan specifically made for cars or use a plastic grocery bag to store trash.
  • Organize your trunk using collapsible bins. This a good place to put your groceries, cleaning supplies, and an emergency roadside kit.
  • Use shower caddies to hold items you want to keep in the car. You can hang them in the front or backseat. These work really well for storing things for the kids like books and snacks.
  • Use a small, foldable file holder to organize important paperwork. It fits nicely in the glove box and makes it easy to find.
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