While there are millions of car wash and detailing products out there, sometimes the best solutions to your problems are right in front of you all along.

Take that can of WD-40 sitting in your workshop, for example. You use it to help loosen stuck-on nuts from bolts, and to fix the squeaking swivel caster wheel on your office chair. But there is so much more that you can do with WD-40—over 2,000 uses, according to their website.

Four of the quickest and most useful of these are:

  • Removing stuck-on bugs and pine sap without damaging vehicle paint
  • Removing chewing gum from the carpets
  • Removing old bumper stickers or badge lettering
  • Giving wheels and tires a radiant shine

Check out the Autoblog video for more details on how to perform these amazing detailing tricks on your car. Who knew it was so easy to keep your pre-owned vehicle from Carmazone looking new?

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