At Carmazone, we're not just here to help you get a great deal on a used car, truck or SUV in Salisbury. We're also here to give you the tips you need to stay safe no matter where the road takes you. Today's tip? Tire maintenance.

Tire Rotation & Balancing It's not just a turn of phrase —rotating tires every six-to-eight thousand miles allows your skids to wear out evenly over time, which insures you’re your vehicle continues to offer responsive braking and more efficient gas mileage.

No Donuts! Have a flat? Traveling around on a spare? Not all tire mishaps mean the end of the line for a badly damaged tire. Small cuts and slow leaks may be repairable in the right hands. But make no mistake: traveling around on a donut is NOT a safe or efficient substitute for an effective tire.

Stop by Carmazone today for more tips of the automotive trade and to explore seasonal finance offers on our entire inventory of and pre-owned vehicles.

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