If you take the time to pack these seven essentials on your holiday road trip, you are going to be in a great position to be able to make repairs while you are driving to your destination.
1. Jumper cables will be essential for getting the car jump-started if the battery fails.
2. Tire fix-a-flat for those flat tires.
3. Pack plenty of flashlights so you can make any repairs in the dark or flag down help.
4. A bag of assorted tools could fix just about any small repair.
5. Empty gas can will give you the chance to get fuel fast if anyone offers to get you to a gas station.
6. A roll of duct tape fixes everything.
7. Gallon of coolant for when the car overheats will get you moving again.

Keep in mind that you could always come to CARmazone for a road trip inspection for the vehicle before your holiday travels.
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