Is your vehicle giving off a weird or strange smell? Bad smells coming from your car isn't normal and should be looked into as soon as possible. Ignoring weird smells can lead to costly repairs or health hazards. Here's what could be causing that bad odor:

  • If you smell something sweet it could be antifreeze. Antifreeze has a sweet odor and if you can smell it that means there's probably a leak in the cooling system.
  • If it smells like something is burning that means oil could be oozing onto a hot spot on the engine or exhaust system. Overheated brake pads and/or rotors could also be the cause.
  • If you're smelling something that smells like rotten eggs your catalytic converter may have gone bad.
  • Did someone burn some toast? If you're smelling burnt toast there could be a short circuit in an electrical component or overheated insulation.
  • Smelling gasoline can be normal when a cold engine is first started, but if you smell gas after the engine has warmed up the gas cap could be loose or the evaporate emissions control system could be leaking or clogged.
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